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Disaronno on Ice is currently recruiting the following:
Legion Needs
All Members and Crafters, please work together in order to fulfill these needs.

Legion Warehouse needs the following crafted and gathered:


  13 Major Mana Serums
  24 Major Life Serums
  80 Greater Mana Serums
  50 Greater Life Serums
  93 Major Wind Serums
100 Greater Wind Serums
  90 Greater Healing Potions
200 Major Healing Potions
180 Greater Running Scrolls
180 Greater Raging Wind Scrolls

Physical Food
Magic Food

196 Greater Aether
    0 Aether Gems
186 Greater Aether Gems
100 Fresh Subella
  50 Fresh Neunan
100 Zeller
169 Major Elemental Stones
100 Fresh Grobule
Abyss Status
Battle(s) in progress: No fortress battle in progress.
Upcoming: No expected fortress battle
Fortress Status
Elyos 2, Balaur 1, Asmodians 10
Artifact Status
Elyos 3, Balaur 30, Asmodians 7
Aion Legion Summary
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About Disaronno

Disaronno on Ice Legion is truly a reflection of the drink itself.  We are a refreshing change to in-game chaos that goes smoothly with applying Aion game ideals of working together to help all in the Legion be as pimped and supported as necessary to help the Asmodians dominate this server; and sweetly icy cold in the decimation of all Elys that stand in our way.

Currently focusing on PVE with support for world PVP as we become better geared and skilled. Minimum age to apply is 17+.
The rules of this Legion are simple.  All must contribute whatever talents, strategies, kinah, crafts, ideas, and support they can to help all members be as pimped and leveled as possible to achieve the goal of Asmodian domination. 

1. Travel as a group at all times. This does not require speed leveling but fosters group cohesion and Legion strength.  Questing and running alone fosters ganking and abyss point loss to the Elys.  This is not acceptable and should be avoided at all times.

2.  Communication and the pack mentality are essential for Legion success and the success of all Asmodians since the Elyos all travel in groups of 4-12 lately.  Ventrilo "Vent" is required of all members in order for fast and easy communication during quests, campaigns, rifting and Ely hunting.  Time and patience will be given to those unfamiliar with Ventrilo communication software until the member is able to obtain headset and mic and download client from Ventrilo website.

3. The legion should be self sufficient and should rarely need to purchase items from the brokers in order to craft items for the legion or it's members. Example: If major serums, potions, scrolls are needed for the legion.  Members should make every attempt to attend scheduled gathering events. We are always in need of armor and weapon craft mats such as tikel, twisp, xilix, leather, adamantium, titanium, etc.; or as posted on the Legion website.

4. All members will contribute what they can as a form of a tithe to help the Legion i.e. if you craft then a portion of serums, scrolls, potions, etc will go to the legion if needed to support other members.  The size of the tithe is of course dependent on your ability to contribute.  The more we support one another the stronger we all are. Example: If you get a good drop please keep in mind your fellow Legion members before selling the item.  Kinah is a requirement for leveling talents and buying mats so by no means should one become kinahless and weak.  Always remember your fellow Legion brothers and sisters in the great Asmodian conflict.

5. Members will not charge other members for crafting unless the crafter has no funds to craft or needs to buy mats for crafting and will only charge the actual cost of anything purchased; or recoup funds from sale of replaced items as agreed to by both parties.

6.  As we build Legion cohesion and learn more about one another’s play schedules we will plan and set group activities such as rifting, special gear quests and instances.  Dates and times will be posted on Legion MOTD.

7.  This legion is not a democracy. All disputes will be settled by Founder Tami unless she defers to the Founding Council of Five.

A Drink to Asmodian rule! 


Kill on Site
Please send Tami or Keshri an email to update this list.

When killing an Ely strike a pose so the one who is victorious everyone knows. - Tami

Vline                                                             Shinkuchan
Whoo                                                            Willywonka (sets u up for ambush by other Elys)
Anyone in KOREA Legion
Kagome (uses dictionary to lie about intentions)
Renji (uses dictionary to lie and defame you by calling u a noob among other things)
Wishy (lucky charms) kill steals
Yur (Asmodian who will ninja your kisk - do not group with this person)
Ressurrecion (Asmodian jerk very argumentative)
Inception (Asmodian argued he started killing something and we yanked it. then said he will KS us all the time)
All times displayed are EST.
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DISARONNO ON ICE has been disbanded.
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Random Quotes
Getting a greater when gathering essence is about as exciting as opening presents. You hope and you hope on each gather you do but it's as easy to get one as getting gum off your shoe.

- IceQueen
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